What does it mean to be the Church in such a time as this?

This is the question this blog explores. It’s one small voice among a growing number of Christians in America who are asking this question amid what seems like extraordinary times.  I believe, however, that it’s a question that’s actually been looming long and large irrespective of any particular administration, regardless of political party.  As an ecclesiology professor friend of mine insisted, “It behooves the Church to pay more attention to the continuities, not the discontinuities, between the current and past administrations.”  So while we find ourselves in a kairos moment, it didn’t begin with the inauguration of a new regime, a stunning brand of hubris notwithstanding.

I regularly blogged on Church and politics in the recent past (see examples from Evangelicals for Social Action) but have since lapsed.  I have sensed my need to resume, in part because of the encouragement of others, but also for the discipline I need to capture in words how scripture is informing my own discipleship. Last but not least, I hope my reflections can be stimulus and encouragement for the congregation I serve, as well as the Church at large. Toward this end, I seek to engage the voices of others, both in and outside my parish, without whom a fuller picture will be lacking.  This is perhaps truest with the Ekklesia outside the borders of the United States, for I believe the American Church desperately needs help, whether or not she cares to admit it.

All of this said, my modest hope is that this blog can play its small part in fostering dialogue, and in ways that will nurture our discipleship, strengthen our ties, foster our unity, and embolden our witness. May our Heavenly Father might find His Church renewed in, and faithful to, the message of the Cross…so that a wayward and divided nation might find its salvation.   – C. Wong


Craig Wong serves as a “minister-at-large” for a Presbyterian congregation in San Francisco, where he and his wife have lived, served, and raised a family for over 25 years.







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